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Mobile Services FAQs: SMS Banking
SMS Banking initiatives permit you to access your Bank accounts and carry out various banking transactions and enquires.

If you have a mobile phone, you can use the SMS facility and conduct the following operations using the messaging services of your service provider.

  Balance Enquiry
  Last Few Transactions
  Cheque Paid Status
  Suspend ATM / Debit Card
  Loan Balance Enquiry
  Demat Service
  Deposit Service
What is SMS Banking?
SMS Banking is one the IOB retail banking channels, which allows customers to do banking activities from their mobile phone using SMS Technology. IOB's mobile banking keeps its valued customers updated with their bank account details and enables them to request for their account information and make request to Stop Cheque or cheque the status of cheque presented.
What is the difference between SMS alert service and SMS Pull enquiry and request?
SMS alert service keeps you informed/ updated about the significant activities/ transactions taken place in your account(s). For example you can receive SMS Account Balance alerts (Daily, Weekly or Monthly) or get alert whenever any debit or credit transaction(s) happen in your account for the configurable amount.

SMS Pull - enquiry enable the bank's mobile banking register to check his/ her account balance or last few transactions for his/ her account(s) by just sending a message to 9551099007.

For balance enquiry in you account:

Format:BAL<space><Account Nickname> to +919551099007

            <Account Nickname> = SB+<Your Account Number> (should be 9 digit's)
            <Account Nickname> = CD+<Your Account Number> (should be 9 digit's) etc..

e.g :      Original Account number : 1234

            Equivalent 9-digit account : 000001234

e.g.       BAL<space>SB000001234 to +919551099007

Account Nickname: Logon to customer website and verify the account nickname for your list of accounts
How can I apply for SMS Banking?
It is a very easy process. Visit our https://www.iobnet.mobi from your desktop browser. This will open the customer module where you can click on the "How to Register?" and download the form, fill the details and just walk in to your nearest branch or apply for the Mobile Banking service by duly filling the Mobile Banking application form in the branch.

Are all IOB customers eligible to apply for this service?
Yes. The service is available to all IOB customers with local or foreign currency accounts (Current, Saving accounts, Loan, Term Deposit or Credit Card).
On which phones will this service work?
SMS Banking service works on all GSM mobile phones that support SMS technology.
How can I use the SMS Enquiry and Request services?
Compose a new SMS text message as per the sample messages on the SMS Banking User Guide and send it to +919551099007.

You can save all the text formats you need under the "sent item" on your mobile phone for your future use.
Do I need a PIN to use the service?
No PIN is required to enquire on accounts.
Whom do I contact if I face problems with accessing the SMS service?
You can either call us on 044-2851 9460 / 044-2888 9350 or visit your nearest IOB branch.
List of SMS Pull Services:
Service Name Service Code Format
Balance Enquiry BAL <Service Code> <Acct. Nickname>
Last few transactions LTX <Service Code> <Acct. Nickname>
Cheque Paid Status CPS <Service Code> <Acct. Nickname> <cheque number>
Suspend ATM / Debit Card BLK <Service Code> <Acct. Nickname> <16 digit ATM Card Number>
Loan Service:
Loan Balance Enquiry LBAL <Service Code> < Loan Acct. Nickname>
Demat Service:
Demat Holding Enquiry DHE <Service Code> < Demat Acct. Nickname>
Demat Script Enquiry DCS <Service Code> < Demat Acct. Nickname> < Script Name>
Demat Bill Enquiry DBE <Service Code> < Demat Acct. Nickname>
Deposit Service:
Deposit Account Balance Enquriy DBAL <Service Code> < Deposit Account NickName>
Sample List of Service Codes:
Service Name  Service Code  Sample Request
Balance Enquiry  BAL BAL SB1
Last few transactions  LTX LTX SB1
Cheque Paid Status  CPS CPS SB1 123456